Sleep Better in 21 Days - Guaranteed Watch Preview

Sick of letting sleep rule your life? GBM Music has created a unique course, which harnesses the power of music to improve your sleep - in just three weeks.

17 Lessons

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17 Lessons in Sleep Better in 21 Days - Guaranteed:

Introduction - Tools for Getting Started


A quick introduction to the course, and what you can expect.

My Sleep Story

I explain my struggles with sleep, and why I created this course.

5 Quick and Easy Wins to Get You Started

Introducing some quick and easy changes you can make to sleep better quickly

Morning Tracking

Download your Morning Tracker!

Chapter Two - Your Personal Sleep Report

Assessing Your Sleep

Today we want to get to know you!

Your Personal Sleep Quality Report

Let's create your sleep quality report

Worksheet - Room Diagnostics

Chapter Three - Music to the Rescue!

The Magic of Music

Can music really help us sleep better? The science is clear...

GBM Music's Unique Sleep Song

Get your copy of our science-inspired sleep music

Chapter Four - Mastering Mornings

Creating Your Morning Routine

Setting Up a Routine Timer

In this bonus lesson - we explore how you can create a timer to put your morning routine on autopilot.

Sticking With Your Morning Routine

Let's go through some vital tips to ensure you stick with your new morning routine and turn it into a habit.

Chapter Five - Weekend Woes

Weekend Woes and Life on the Road

Today we learn how to handle weekends, and deal with travelling and other sleep disrupters.

Chapter Six - Sleep Tracking and Extended Sleep Music

Bonus - Sleep Song Extended Version!

Download your version of our extended sleep song.

Tools for Tracking Your Sleep

Interested in sleep tracking? Here's a look at some of the available technology.

Chapter Seven - Review Day

One Week In!

Progress Review

Complete your first progress review!